Woman in nasty fight with in-laws over late husband’s burial order

A Bulawayo woman is embroiled in a nasty fight with her in-laws who are allegedly withholding her late husband’s burial order from her.


The fallout, according to Senziwe Moyo from Cowdray Park suburb started after her in-laws allegedly refused to surrender her late husband Chelesani Moyo’s burial order. Chelesani reportedly died sometime in April this year.


So nasty is the feud that Senziwe had threatened to kill her late husband’s sister, Pretty Moyo.

Fearing that her sister-in-law would live true to her threats, Pretty last week rushed to the Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a protection order against Senziwe.


She said Senziwe was in the habit of coming to her house and workplace threatening to kill her.


“Senziwe Moyo is my sister-in-law. She was married to my late brother Chelesani Moyo. She is verbally abusive towards me. She threatens me with death such that she always comes to my workplace and home. I no longer have peace because of her threats. She is also teaming up with her brother and sister making false police report against me,” claimed Pretty.


She said their problems started sometime in 2015 when Senziwe lost a child.




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