Woman Ungovernable as Slay Queen Proudly Shares Bedroom Video with Her Cheating Husband

In this era, most ladies have no time for broke men, and that’s why they are settling for older and wealthier men who can sustain their lifestyles.

While most of them do everything possible to hide their sponsors from the public, a City slay queen left netizens with endless questions after she flaunted her sponsor, who is also her boss on social media.

In viral footage making rounds on social media, the young lass is seen having fun with her sponsor, old enough to be her grandfather.

However, it was later established that the older man had abandoned his family for the young lass whom he said was hotter than his ageing wife.

A social media user by the name “Neddy” who seemed familiar with the family, a social media user, squared it out with the young lass at the comment section before she was blocked.

“I am going to do everything possible for that man to return to his family, do you even know how his family is struggling since you snatched him gold digger?” Part of her comment read.

She “Neddy” is said to have made her threats real after introducing the man’s wife to marriage and relationship expert Mama Wema Kamaliza to help restore her friend’s marriage.

Barely a week after they visited the herbalist, her friends hubby fell out with the “slay queen”. The man has since returned to his family and amended his philandering ways.

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