Young man dyes and draws symbol of KFC on his head – Video

A young man yet to be known has dyed and drawn the symbol of KFC on his head and has gotten the attention of many on the internet.

The young man who appears to be a lover of the international rice and fried yam selling joint dyed his hair brownish and put through it the unidentified face symbol of KFC.

A lady who saw the young man and could not hide her feelings pulled out her phone and recorded him.

The lady also praised him for taking a bold decision to do something nobody would think of doing.

Well, the multi-million questions everybody is asking is that, is the young man an ambassador of the company, an employee or just a lover of the company.

As it stands, these questions have been met with a deep silence as nobody seems to have gotten the answer to them all.

Meanwhile, watch the video below;



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