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Zifa in US$750k judicial funds scam

Four top Zifa board members moved US$740 000 from Zifa’s nostro account into the bank account of a private company belonging to one of them in 2019, allegedly to block a debtor using a court-issued garnishee order grabbing a small fraction of the cash, US$161 762, out of the accounts.


Yesterday Zimbabwe Football Association president Felton Kamambo and his three fellow governing board members Phillimon Machana, Farai Jere and Briton Malandule, appeared before Harare regional magistrate Mr Ngoni Nduna charged with obstructing the course of justice.

Kamambo, Machana, Jere and Malandule are alleged to have agreed to transfer the money from ZIFA’s nostro account with Ecobank and hide it in an account held by Conduit Investments, a company owned by Machana, in a bid to evade settling the US$161 762 debt owed to Daisy Guest House (Pvt) Limited.

They also allegedly resolved to open four new accounts which they would use to receive funds channelled by FIFA and CAF for soccer development until ZIFA had managed to settle the debt.


Already Daisy and the authorities had been having problems because the original garnishee order was on Steward Bank accounts, that were empty, and Ecobank could not release the funds until its name was on the order.


Through their lawyers, the quartet, demanded the State to furnish them with copies of the garnishee order relating to ZIFA’s Ecobank account before January 25, 2019, which barred them from removing the money.


When in court yesterday the four asked the State to provide details as to when it alleges each of them were served or notified of the garnishee order and also for an explanation of how the State comes to the conclusion that the money when it was in Ecobank were funds subject to the garnishee order since the order was for Steward Bank accounts, that were empty.


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