Zim medical awards set for weekend to ‘honor Covid-19 heroes’

The Zimbabwe Medical Awards Trust (ZMAT) will on Saturday honor medical workers including heroes of the profession who played a critical part in health delivery especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview, ZMAT chairperson Dr Josephat Chiripanyanga said it will be the first of such awards to recognise everyone in the medical field.

Dr Chiripanyanga added that he initiated this platform after noticing that medical professionals were not appreciated enough compared to other lines of work. He said that the initiative will also honor medical practitioners who succumbed to Covid-19 when the pandemic was at its peak.

“So we decided to start the Zimbabwe Medical Awards when we noticed that here in Zimbabwe there are no awards that are being given to medical professionals be it doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab scientists. So we have decided to initiate these medical awards,” Dr Chiripanyanga said.

“We also noticed that in other countries they also honour their legends and professionals. They honour their doctors, nurses among others. So we decided to do this and bring it home.

“We also noticed that locally there are awards being given to other professionals such as soccer players, models and people in human resources also give each other awards annually. So we decided to give awards to medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists at large because we noticed there is a gap.”

He added that this year the Trust is going to have at least 40 categories of medical awards.

Dr Chiripanyanga said the awards are not only for doctors and nurses but everyone involved in the medical field adding that the idea is meant to motivate professionals to do their utmost in the provision of health services to help the country achieve its targets in the health sector. Nehanda Radio

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