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Zim ‘thug’ gunned down in Jozi

A section of Zimbabweans in South Africa is celebrating following the daylight murder of 25-year-old Ronnie Macmillan who was shot dead in Midrand on Monday afternoon.


Ronnie, a lover of finer brands, died in a hail of bullets while driving.

According to sources close to him, he had seven bullets pumped into his body and died on the spot. Midrand Police Station officers attended the crime scene. Macmillan was staying in Pretoria suburb of Sunnyside where mourners are gathered.

There have been mixed emotions on social media as some celebrated his demise branding him a “notorious thug”.


Some messages on Facebook were too explicit to be published in respectable media as the outpouring of anger reached a crescendo.


“Dai kudenga kune TV ndaigara ndakabata remote ndichiona urikupisiwa kusvika papi 7 bullets mashoma dai vakamuisa 100 chaiwo don’t rest in peace musat***** du*** burn in hell Satan mwana waLucifa imbwa muko**,” wrote one user going by the name Melody Kamwe.”

Literally translated: “If heaven had a television set I would permanently keep the remote in my hand checking how much you are burning in hell. The seven bullets they pumped into you were too few they should have used 100. Don’t rest in peace, burn in hell Lucifer’s son.”


In an ominous post made on his Facebook page Macmillan seems to have foreseen his death coming.


“No amount of money can help u wen it is ur time to leave this world. Only God can save you thru his blessings,” he wrote in March this year.



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