Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) issues a strong warning on alleged child killings in Chitungwiza

Zimbabwe Republic Police has strongly urged members of the public not to use social media platforms  to cause alarm and despondency in the country.

This comes after some unscrupulous individuals have circulated photoshopped  pictures of two Mutasa siblings who were brutally murdered last month, purporting that a child was killed in Chitungwiza.

In a statement this Friday, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said circulating the images only serves to traumatise the Benza family whose two 7-year-old children were brutally murdered on 14 May while on their way from school.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to advise members of the public that the images circulating on social media platforms purporting that a child was killed in Chitungwiza are false and doctored.

Investigations have revealed that the images are of the double murder incident which occurred in Nyanga on 14th April 2021 at Sambaza Village, Chief Mutasa where two minors, Deloney Benza (07) and Melissa Benza (07), were murdered whilst they were coming from school. The case is now before the courts with the suspects on remand.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is equally disturbed by the motive of the individual or groups who are circulating these images or linking them to alleged killings in Chitungwiza.

Surely the Police do not think that it is fair for any individual or groups to continue to circulate images that traumatise the Benza family and in the process cause alarm and despondency in the country.

It is not good for anyone to be obsessed with social media to an extent of copying images and then try to send false messages locally and internationally.

The Police urge the public to use social media responsibly.

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