Zimbabwean Prophet Who ‘Accurately Predicted’ Jamie Bartlett’s Death Drops Another Shocking Prophecy

Self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet who has been making headlines following the death of renowned South African actor Jamie Bartlett has once again made another startling prediction.

Taking to his Facebook, Prophet Mellontik Orasi dropped a bombshell as he prophesied that a multi-talented female celebrity from South Africa was going to die very soon. He didn’t mention the name of the celeb, rather, he added that the female celebrity is going to succumb to brain damage from drug abuse.

Pay attention correctly shortly a female multi-talented South African celebrity,will die due drug abuse brain damage,” reads part of his prophecy.

As if that wasn’t enough, he went on to prophesy that a former football star was also going to die soon.

He also went on to caution controversial  Zanu PF politician and member of parliament (MP) for Buhera South, Joseph Chinotimba to drive safely as he claimed that a bad accident was bound to happen.

Prophet Mellontik’s prophecies come barely three days after he allegedly accurately predicted  Jamie Bartlett’s death.  Jamie Bartlett, who was popularly known for his villainous portrayal of David Genaro on Rhythm City, reportedly died on Monday evening.

His cause of death is still unknown up until now.

Three days before his death, Prophet Mollentik had predicted that a South African celebrity was going to die if he is not prayed for.

“When death comes knocking on a man’s door they become unsettled, I am seeing this male celebrity in the South African arts industry dying shortly if prayer is not made,” Prophet Mellontik wrote.

Reaffirming his prophecy today following Jamie Bartlett’s death, Prophet Mellontik sent his condolences. He also addressed critics who are accusing him of being a fake prophet and for using Jamie Bartlett’s name to gain mileage.

“I don’t post anything without telling people
Responses I get
We all shall die
Who are you
Tryna ride into fame using my name get lost China,you are all fake Bookie
One day lives will be saved,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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