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Zimra Sued US$23k By Former Employee

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is being sued US$23, 000 by it’s former employee Donald Duruza for unlawful dismissal and wrongful arrest.


Duruza also cited his former superiors, Betty Chimbera and Gibson Mavundutse as second and third respondents in the summons.


He told the High that Mavundutse made false allegations against him which resulted in him.being prosecuted back in 2018.


Duruza was however cleared of wrongdoing.



At the time of his acquittal, he had already been fired.


It is his allegations that all these encounters traumatised him, stripped him of dignity and made his family suffer.


He said the damage is irreparable and want compensation I the hardships.


The matter is yet to be heard.


In the summons, Dumbura said Chimbera and Mavundutse alleged that he forged medical exam details and caused his employer to lose over US$2 000.


Duruza want damages for the breaching of his employment contract, peddling falsehoods of fraud and forgery, causing malicious prosecution and defying magistrates court verdict as well as for his dismissal.


According to the summons, Chimbera was then Zimra’s acting director human capital while Mavundutse was plaintiff’s immediate supervisor.


His lawyers said in October 2017, Mavundutse refused to approve Duruza’s sick leave as was provided in his contract.


He went on to suspend him from employment without a legal basis.


In January 2018, Mavundutse made malicious statements to the police concerning Duruza alleging that he had forged a medical certificate and had subsequently prejudiced his employer of US$2,293, 32 through misrepresentation.


After this he was arrested and detained in February 2018 before he was taken to court where he was acquitted.


“However, the plaintiff was found not guilty and was acquitted on the criminal counts of fraud and forgery in May 2018. By alleging forged medical certificates to the police who subsequently took the matter to the magistrate court, the defendants obviously sought clarity on the authenticity of the medical certificate produced by the plaintiff in terms of the employment contract,” the summons read.


Duruza said the magistrate court’s decision validated the same medical certificate he had produced to Mavundutse.


“This proves the arrest malicious as it was not reasonable in the circumstances to cause the plaintiff’s arrest. Their conduct was unprocedural and therefore illegal.”


He said because of what transpired, his family suffered severe loss and damage, severe stress and suffering, permanent damage to his repute, loss of amenities of life, loss of future earning capacity and loss of amenities of life. Loss of future earning capacity and loss of expectation of life.

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