Zodwa Wabantu: From a pantless star to a business star

Flamboyant businesswoman Zodwa Wabantu took to her social media to announce she will be opening her ‘Zodwa Wabantu hair studio’ this November.

The dancer shared pictures of her salon on her Instagram and she wrote, “We are Ready November RichardsBay Zodwa Wabantu Hair Salon.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she wants to turn the negative insults she’s received about her looks into businesses.

“Woman love looking beautiful, while they’ve told me that I’m ugly, I’m not pretty … so I’m showing them that anyone can buy beauty, so they have to buy their beauty from me. So they must stop forcing me to wear make up or to do weaves … the salon is for them,” she said.

Wabantu also owns a perfume called touchable and also sells eggs.

Recently Zodwa Wabantu made headline on social media after a fan in invaded her privates and started caressing her while on stage.

This was as a result of her not putting on any underwear as per her tradition.

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