ZRP goes after unlicenced vehicles

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday arrested almost 1 000 drivers of unregistered, plate-less and unlicensed vehicles, and impounded 784 vehicles, on the first of a nationwide operation aimed at getting rid of criminal elements and making all motorists comply with registration, insurance and licensing laws.

Of the 967 arrested motorists, 179 paid spot fines and four were given summons to appear in court.

There was a heavy police presence on roads leading into central Harare with major roadblocks along Bulawayo Road and Seke Road, with checkpoints both at the flyover leading into the city centre and at Manyame Bridge between Harare and Chitungwiza.

Police could be seen impounding vehicles that were not displaying number plates and those without motor insurance. You cannot licence a vehicle without first having insurance, so an uninsured vehicle will automatically be unlicensed.

Deputy national police Spokesperson Chief Superintendent Blessmore Chishaka said the blitz was progressing well.

“The operation is targeting unlicensed, plate-less and unregistered vehicles and has started off with a total of 967 arrests being made countrywide on the first day. Of these, 784 had their vehicles impounded and 179 motorists were fined for various offences while four others were issued with notices to appear in court.

“The ZRP continues to urge members of the public to desist from using plate-less and unregistered vehicles. We continue to urge motorists to abide by the law and comply with police directives. As we carry out this operation, the motoring public is advised that there are no exemptions as far as this operation is concerned,” he said.


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